Personal Trainers


Brooke Foy

Brooke has exploded into the Pembroke personal training scene and has had astronomical success. She applies behavioral, motivational and exercise strategies to tailor workout schedules and eating plans to each person's specific needs. More importantly, she understands what you're going through.

As a younger woman she struggled with her weight and a few years back she was involved in a serious car accident which resulted in some pretty major physical issues. That was when she decided "enough is enough" and began her trek towards a healthy lifestyle. She lost 80 pounds, and, as a further present to herself, hired a coach and made her way to the stage in bodybuilding. It was that same year that she qualified for the provincials and proved to herself that she WAS worth the effort.

Now she wants to pass that expertise on to others, and she love what she does. I see her here training with people who believe as she did, that they are not worth the effort, or that they can't do it. It touches me how she not only shows them that they ARE worth the effort but she shows them how to alter exercises to fit their bodies and specific needs.

Come see what she can do for you!